Igitata – the project from Irek Grzebielucha and his daughter Iga Grzebielucha

iga & igitata_foto

Irek i Iga Grzebileucha after many concerts with the YARD playing electric blues, reactivated three years ago, decided to create Igitata.  Before, it was a rule that a small acoustuc set played during the YARD concert – but that wasn’t enough for Irek and his daughter. They decided to made a use of their music experience and to create a project which would be a family, blues tale. Igitata is an acoustic duo which playes both blues standards and their own compositions.

Irek Grzebielucha is  a blues-rock guitarist, founder and a leader of a rock grup Ghetto with whom he released „Świat w którym przyszło Ci żyć”. Irek played at many music festivals during which he was awarded with grants, i.e. the first place at Festival of Rysiek Riedel in 2011.

Iga Grzebielucha– a vocalist, for the past couple of years related to Poznań where she graduated the Art Of Voice Studio. The patricipant of the Blues na Bobrem workshops or Spotkania z Gitarą in Mosin where she learned from Krystyna Prońko or Grażyna Łobaszewska. She performed with Wyblusowani band during Meskalina Blues Festival 2013 or BLusowo 2013.