“Full Houze” are a five piece rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece formed in 2009.

In the beginning their main influences came from the Southern rock era. Throughout the years the band managed to create a solid unique sound of their own, which combines vintage American Blues/Rock with pure European sentimentalism.

For years Full Houze have been playing live concerts every week as a house band in live stages of Thessaloniki, which has built them a solid music profile and made them close friends and not just co-musicians. The name of the band represents more or less the above. Five different cards that can have something in common… a strong hand … Full Houze!

Quite loners on stage, they had their moments being the opening act for artists like Snowy White, Dr. Feelgood, Nine Below Zero, Pavlov’s Dog, Nellie Travis, Charlie Brechtel and more.

Full Houze tend to be “the band that bikers love the most” in the whole country and since 2011 they started taking part at biker festivals throughout Europe as well. Throughout the bands journey, many songs were written and twelve of them are included on the their first album ‘Streets of Town’. The particular work is filled with the passion that struggles to jump out of the local streets and into the world.
Their upcoming second album is on its way and they will be on the road again in July for a European tour to promote it.


See also: www.fullhouze.gr & www.facebook.com/fullhouzeband