Lech Niedźwiedziński will perform with an original guitarist Jacek Tamborski during Suwałki Blues Festival 2015

lech niedz 2

Lech Niedźwiedziński is considered to be a vateran of rock from Wilekopolska region. Lech appeared on music scene in the middle of the 60s and is still performing.

He began his music adventure with the amateur groups when he was at high school and later at University. Later on, he played in Hades, Jupiter, Imperium, Replay, Transfer, Hot Mix and Droga and collaborated between 1986 and 1990 with Wojciech Skowroński (piano boogie). He performed twice with him during the jazz festivalu in Leverkusen, Germany recorded album called “Jak się bawisz”.

During Suwałki Blues Festival 2015 will perform in a duo with a very original guitarist Jacek Tamborski. Therefore, you will hear guitar standards from the ’60s.


Also visit: republika.pl/lechniedzwiedz, www.myspace.com/lechniedzwiedzinski