The Blues Stars Alley in Suwałki!

During past seven editions of Suwałki Blues Festival we have seen many famous stars. Soon, we will see their mark as a proof of the performances they made here, in Suwałki!

On the first day of the 8th edition of Suwałki Blues Festival, 9th of July 2015, a festive inauguration of The Blues Stars Alley will take place.

We will see there boards of big stars, commemorating their performances during past editions of Suwałki Blues Festival, for e.g.: Jeremy Spencer (main star of the 1st edition of SBF), Joe Bonamassa (who delighted the audience in 2009) and amazing Ginger Baker (the star of SBF 2014).

Joe Bonamassa

During Suwałki Blues Festival 2015 we will see next blues stars. We can’t rule out the possibility that in a few years time these stars will have their commemorating board on The Blues Stars Alley.

Ginger Baker

The stars of SBF 2015 – GO HERE AND CHECK IT OUT!