Concert during SBF 2016
, 10.07.2016, 11.00 a.m.
Bar Polski, 59 T. Kościuszki St., free admission

Słow Ride_3_fot. Rafal_Nowak

Slow Ride was set up by the end of 2003 by Leszek Jakubczak. Leszek’s idea was to create an acousic blues-rock project with Tomek Pfeiffer and Robert Tyc – a vocalist known from Crossroads – the band where Leszek also performs. At the very begining trio recorded a few tracks from their idols’ repertoires. And soon it all began. It turned out that it was a bull’s-eye. That was the time, the guys started working on their own repertoire. The band has played many gigs so far. Their concerts are appreciated not only by blues fans but also by people who do not listen to that kind of music on a daily basis.

Leszek Jakubczak – guitar
Tomek Pfeiffer – guitar
Robert Tyc – vocal

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