sbf2015_Johnny B Beast

Since highschool Johnny played guitar in several local-famous metal and hardcore bands, toured in Europe and even Mexico, but slide-blues has always been his passion since childhood, and idea about solo blues act was strongly considered for many years.

Such artists as Blind Willie Johnson, Bob Brozman, Brother Dedge, Seasick Steve influenced his musical choice. Also american primitive guitar vibes, such as  Daniel Bachman is considerable as an influence.

Johnny B Beast plays fingerstyle on open tuning guitar, using guitar also as an percussion instrument, playing strings  with slide, sometimes also with hip flask or shot glass. Groovy rhyme, melodic, sometimes naive licks and “southern blues” vibe characterizes Beast music.


Johnny’s got some nice videos on youtube, and video for song “Zhiga” became viral, gaining more than 20 0000 views in a month!

In 2014. Johnny B Beast played 18 gigs, including open air fest “Laba Daba”, one of Latvia’s mos famous fest with 15 000 people big crowd. Johnny is always looking forward for new adventures, gigs and voyages, to transform his experience in new songs.

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