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The legendary Ginger Baker will perform during Suwalki Blues Festival 2014. The members of the group are: Ginger Baker – drums, Pee Wee Ellis – saxophone, Alec Dankworth – double bass and Abass Dodoo – drums set.

Excellent drummer gained his popularity through appearances in the famous group Cream, in which he played with such great musicians as Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton.

Peter Edward Baker, known by the nickname “Ginger”, a member of The Cream for two years (1966-1968). After the trio breakup, Ginger together with drummer Clapton created a group Blind Faith, which was announced as no loger existing after the release of their first and only album. In subsequent years, Baker participated and co-wrote a number of projects, even Hawkwind (precursor of the space rock and heavy metal) and Atomic Rooster (progressive rock).

It was not until the mid 80’s when Ginger Baker decided on a solo career, but had not ceased cooperation with different groups. In 1994, he reunited with Jack Bruce. The BBM group completed Gary Moore. But the group was quickly resolved. From that moment Ginger Baker focused on his projects.

In 2005, Baker reunited on stage with Bruce and Clapton. Revived for a short time The Cream group played a series of concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall and Madison Square Garden in New York. A few years later, Jack Bruce in an interview with “Rolling Stone” has revealed that he has a conflict with Baker. “I am glad that we live in different countries, on different continents, but … I wonder whether to ask him to move even further away from me” – said Bruce.

Bruce fears have been justified. During one of the concerts Bruce had been in fact attacked by Baker, who has many different pranks on his credit. Divorces, conflicts with children, drugs, financial problems, the attack on his biographical film director. Secondly, combined with the heart, passion, talent and extraordinary ability to connect with fans and create music. In the movie “Warning! Mr.. Baker” (2012) directed by Jay Bulger you can see both sides of Baker. One without the other wouldn’t exist.

This is largely due to Baker and Keith Moon Ban, the brand of a drummer-showman was created. Thanks to these two artists a drumm became an instrument almost as important as an electric guitar.

Baker became famous thanks to his technical skills and visual attractiveness of his performance. He was not afraid to experiment therefore, he introduced previously unknown elements such as a second bass drum.
In 2007, “Stylus Magazine” ranked Ginger Baker on 16th place on the list of the 50 best rock drummers in the world.

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