Concert during SBF 2015
Friday, 10.07.2015, 9.40 p.m.
stage near the City Hall, Kościuszki St./Mickiewicza St.
free admission

Coco Montoya is a former guitarist performing with John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers. He joined the group after Mayall heard him playing in 1984 in Los Angeles.  Montoya and Mayall have been cooperating for 10 years now.


Montoya previously played with Albert Collins, from whom he learned the “icy hot” style. With that collaboration the career of Santa Monica’s guitarist began .

Montoya is a self-taught guitarist, other than the rest of the guitar players. He plays with his left hand. Additionally, his guitar is turned upside-down! I’ve never had guitar lessons. I tried to watch other guitarists and capture what they had done with their fingers and hands. It was the same with Albert. The same thing with Algert. We just sat down and played. He always told me that I shouldn’t think about it, I should just feel it. I do not know all the chords, but I know that I can express all that I feel with the music said Montoya.

After many years of performing on multiple blues stages accompaning  many great musicians, Montoya has gained a recognition  as the hottest blues pitcher” having a masterful touch and a “killer tone ( ”Guitar OneMagazine).

In 1993, Montoya began his solo career. Until now, the guitarist from Santa Monica, has released 9 albums. The latest, “Songs forms of the Road” was released in the middle of 2014.


Coco Montoya – guitar, vocal
Rena Beavers – drums
Nathan Brown – bass
Jerry Leeper – keyboards

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