Mike Andersen (DK)

Concert during SBF 2017
Saturday, 08.07.2017, 6.00 p.m.
stage in Konstytucji 3 Maja park, free admission

Mike Andersen is a singer with a strong, sensitive and empathetic voice. Listening to Mike’s latest album “Devil Is Back”, we can notice how talented this Danish artist is both as a singer and guitarist, but also as a songwriter.

Mike Andersen is an artist who wants to appeal things close to him. He has a healthy recognition that the music he loves so much comes from a time long before he was born and in a part of the world where he did not grow up. It was precisely this realization, combined with a deep love for soul and blues, and curiosity about what’s going on musically today caused Mike to create his own unique sound and style.

Foto by Christian Bardrum

Mike Andersen – vocal, guitar
Johannes Nørrelykke – guitar
Kristian Fogh – keyboards
Kristian Kold – bass
Jens Kristian Dam – drums

For more information visit: http://mikeandersen.com