European Blues Challenge 2020 postponed

We would like to inform that European Blues Challenge 2020 planned to be held on 16 – 18 April 2020, in Zaanstad will not take place during that time. The good news is that EBU has been postponed and not cancelled. The new date will be given in the upcoming days.

SOSNOWSKI is the Polish representative for the European Blues Challenge 2020

Here is the original information from the organizer.

UPDATE Tuesday 17
About the Covid-19 situation

We regret to announce the postponement of the European Blues Challenge 2020, due to the uncertainty regarding the status of the measures to be taken in the battle against Covid-19. It is unwise to persevere in continuing the Challenge. Also several countries have informed the European Blues Union that they will abstain from participating, either as precautionary measure or because of the restrictions imposed by their respective governments.
We emphasize that the Challenge is only postponed, not cancelled. We hope that the developments in the Covid-19-situation will make it possible to soon convey to all an alternate date. Tickets bought will remain valid and the value transferred to the new date. We will keep you informed.
We deeply regret being forced to take this step, but the Covid-19-pandemic confronts us with an extraordinary situation with far reaching consequences.
With the blues in mind and full regards
Blues in Zaanstad Foundation
Europeaan Blues Union
Dutch Blues Foundation