Concert during SBF 2016
Friday, 08.07.2016, godz. 11.00

Na Starówce, 2 Chłodna St., free admission

Friday, 08.07.2016, 11.00 p.m.
Na Starówce, 2 Chłodna St., tickets on and at SOK Box Office


It all goes back to the mid-90s, because that was the time that Breakmaszyna was initially found. The name popped up in 2002 on the occasion of the performance at the Blues nad Okszą festival. The group has often changed the composition of the group. The current members of the trio has been playing tohether since 2006. They call the blues they play – the postblues.


The band has played at Olsztyńskie Noce Bluesowe, BandrFest in Czech Republic Festival, Koło Bluesa, Bluesonalia in Konin, Blue Blues in Częstochowa, Blues nad Okszą in Kłobuck, Las Woda i Blues in Radzyniu, Był Sobie Blues in Tarnowie. The group has released Urban Legends record which has lately been played at numerous of blues radio stations.

Paweł Stomma – guitar, wokal, music and lyrics
Arek Skupiński – bass
Tomasz Holewa – drums

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