Concerts during SBF 2016
Saturday, 09.07.2016, 11.00 a.m.

Na Starówce restaurant, 2 Chłodna St., free admission

Saturday, 09.07.2016, godz. 11.00 p.m.
Na Starówce restaurant, 2 Chłodna St., tickets on and at SOK Box Office

The Butchers_4

The band was founded in early 2012 in Šamorín, SK. Originally started off as a trio and was playing cover blues songs. The first gig took place in March at a local pub. At the second concert the band performed in a completely different formation, which then remained the same for a long time. At the time the group consisted of two brothers, twins Hushegyi András and János (Husi and Johnny) and Zoltan Petrakovič. For the brothers, it was their first time playing in the same band, as they used to perform separately; each had his own band with a completely different style of music. The Butchers started writing their own songs and slowly created enough material for their first album. In late 2012, bass player Tomáš Bartha joined the band, so János could play on his original instrument, the guitar. The group of four young people finished the songs on their debut album with a fast pace. They started to record the songs in February 2013, and in June their first CD, Train to freedom, was ready. In the middle of summer 2013, the band opted for a replacement drummer, Félix Mózes. Felix supported the band to the end of the year. In 2014 Ladislav Šebo joined to the band as the new drummer. In February 2015 the band started to record their second album at Gila studio. After recording and few gigs the band decided to replace their drummer. In April 2015 Richard Silavassy joined to the band. They released their second album called The Butchers in 13 of July 2015. In autumn Richard left the band because of a job opportunity in abroad. Andrej Jošt Became the new drummer.

András Hushegyi – guitar, vocal
János Hushegyi – guitar, vocal
Tamás Bartha – bass, vocal
Andrej Jošt – drums

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